Life Insurance Quotes For UK Police Officers

Police offices and law enforcement have the important job of protecting the public and making sure the laws that are in place are enforced.

policeman life assurance photoWith this type of occupation comes an added risk, which can sometimes mean that obtaining a life insurance policy is either more difficult or more expensive.

The good news is that, despite this logic, it is possible for police officers to secure a life insurance policy that is both affordable and comprehensive – here is what you need to know about various types of coverage.

Life Insurance Policies for Police Officers

Although police officers are often considered to be in a high-risk occupation, it is possible for them to secure a life insurance policy without having to jump through any hoops. Currently, many insurance providers are offering life insurance policies to police officers with standard terms and normal premium payments.

Even though placing a life insurance application with an insurance provider is simple, make sure you are being upfront about any abroad travel you may be doing as part of your occupation – not fully disclosing this type of information could mean an insurance claim down the road will be denied.

Income Protection Options for Police Officers

Unfortunately, there are no Long Term Income Protection policies available for those in law enforcement at this time – this takes account of individuals whose occupations include police office, special constable and community support officers.

What some insurance providers will offer is a short-term income protection policy. This type of policy would help to provide financial protection in the event of an accident or illness that should prevent you from working.

Short term policies usually remain in effect for 12 to 24 months and should become active when your employer-provided sick pay ends.

Critical Illness Cover Policies for Police Officers

Critical illness cover policies are often accepted by insurance providers at standard terms with regular monthly premium payments, much like life insurance policies.

Again, it is important to disclose any information requested by the insurance provider in full, including travel abroad information, to ensure any insurance claim that should happen will not be made invalid.

Should you need more information on critical illness cover or help filing an application, Claybrooke’s knowledgeable team is here to help.