Does IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome Affect Life Insurance?

ibs patient imageUnderstanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and life insurance cover can save you a lot of many in the long run if you suffer from IBS and are looking for the right policy.

While IBS is not a terminal illness, it is a significantly painful condition that can negatively impact your ability to travel and work.

Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with IBS, you will want to make sure you are covered by a good life insurance policy.

The Effects of IBS

According to the National Health Service (NHS), IBS is incredibly common, though many cases go untreated.

People tend to assume the pain they are suffering through is due to stress or diet and then never get it checked out.

If you are suffering from significant bloating and chronic abdominal pain, then a general practitioner should take a look at you for IBS.

In trying to avoid IBS, the root causes of the condition remain unknown, so specific advice for avoidance is rather low. While many people assume that diet is a main contributing factor, there is actually no medically proven connection between a person’s diet and IBS.

Admittedly, however, if you have ever had a gastrointestinal infection, then you should be especially cautious because you have a greater likelihood of developing IBS. This is, of course, a treatable condition and one that can be comfortably lived with when given proper medical attention.

IBS and Life Insurance

IBS will have an effect on your life insurance premiums, as with any chronic medical condition. Any condition requiring medical attention or one that potentially affects your ability to work is a concern to life insurance companies.

The most important factor when applying for life insurance with a chronic condition is how manageable your condition is. If it can show that you can live a normal life despite any external symptoms, then it’s likely that your premiums will be minimally affected.

If you have already been living with IBS for several or more years, then the condition will qualify as a pre-existing condition on the application. More often than not, insurance companies want a full medical exam for anyone who applies with a pre-existing condition. That isn’t necessarily the case every time, and if you look at as many quotes as possible you find a company willing to give you a fair deal.

Try To Look After Yourself

If it is seen that you are not managing the condition well, however, then you might suffer as a result. Though not a terminal disease, a poorly treated case of IBS can decrease your overall level of health and shorten life expectancy.

Life expectancy is the bottom line for life insurance companies, and anything negatively affected by IBS will count against you on a premium. It is incredibly important to stay as healthy as possible if diagnosed with IBS. The healthier you are, the better premium you receive for life insurance.

IBS can be a painful, but it does not need to be a financially or physically overbearing one. If diagnosed, look through different quotes and check which company suits the specifics of your case best.

It’s possible that the insurance quotes you find are higher than usual, but don’t feel discouraged. A savvy health insurance buyer can always find a reasonable policy. So at this point, read up on IBS and life insurance to make sure that you are protected.