Saga Life Insurance For People Over 50

How Saga’s Over 50 Insurance Plan Works…

Looking to purchase a life insurance policy in the later years of life can raise many questions. Researching and choosing the right coverage can be confusing when it comes to the amount of coverage desired as well as the cost of premiums.

Insurance companies take into account a number of different factors when evaluating a potential new policy holder including age, health, and any pre-existing medical conditions.

For individuals over the age of 50, answering these health related questions can cause concern regarding the price of life insurance and how much coverage will be provided. Luckily, Saga offers a Guaranteed Life Insurance policy catered specifically to those policy seekers in their later years of life.

The highlights of Saga’s Guaranteed Life Insurance include assured acceptance for individuals 50 to 80, no medical questions asked, and fixed premiums.

Features & Benefits of Saga’s Guaranteed Life Insurance

Guaranteed Life Insurance from Saga has many features and benefits to aid those policy seekers over the age of 50, helping to alleviate some of the concerns regarding coverage. One of the most important of these is guaranteed acceptance for individuals between the ages of 50 and 80. This acceptance includes no health questions or medical exams required when applying, eliminating stress for policy seekers with existing conditions.

Another benefit of this insurance coverage is that Saga offers fixed coverage and premium payments for life. Saga guarantees that policy holder’s coverage will never decrease based on age or health status and allow policy seekers to choose their monthly payment, pledging that these payments will never increase.

Saga offers an added bonus as well – the first anniversary of the policy following the holder’s 90th birthday marks the end of all payments with continued coverage for the rest of their lives.

Additional Benefits Available through Saga’s Guaranteed Life Insurance

In addition to guaranteed coverage and fixed payments with no questions asked, Saga offers other forms of support for policy holders and their families. Bereavement care for family members as well as serious illness support for holders is also available through this policy. Both of these services are free for policy holders as well as their loved ones and are confidential in offering both emotional and everyday support to families in need.

Saga also offers a Funeral Benefit Option to all policy holders. This benefit will help offset the sometimes shocking costs associated with funeral, helping to lessen the burden on loved ones. Not only does Saga help with the costs, it can also help policy holders in navigating the sometimes daunting task of planning their services. Saga has partnered with Golden Charter, the UK’s largest funeral plan source, to help provide these amenities.

Trying to choose an insurance policy, especially in the later years of life, can be a confusing and stressful task. With concerns about health, pricing and coverage, policy seekers over the age of 50 can be left feeling as though there are no options to suit their needs. Saga’s Guaranteed Life Insurance has addressed all of these concerns to offer a balanced, affordable option for older policy seekers.

Saga’s over 50 insurance plan offers policy holders a range of benefits that can be catered to fit their specific needs. This life insurance plan has guaranteed acceptance of applicants 50 to 80 with no medical or health questions asked as well as low premiums that will not increase.

These features partnered with fixed coverage and a comprehensive Funeral Benefit Option make Saga’s Guaranteed Life Insurance a great option for older policy seekers.