We Are Proud Of Our Customer Care

One thing we pride ourselves in at Claybrooke Life Insurance is our exceptional customer service. In addition, we try to provide our users with the best team of personal protection experts available in the business today.

This website is designed as a one-stop-shop for all UK residents looking to secure a life insurance policy. In addition, we offer income protection and critical illness policies.

The Financial Conduct Authority promotes six guidelines for the relationship between customer and provider, and the treatment of our customers is based on these principles:

1. Treat all customers fairly.

2. We do not just meet the standards, we exceed them! We want to raise the bar for the industry and reset the standard.

3. We know our target audience and this is where we focus our marketing. We do not try to lure customers in by going after blanket markets and sell them a policy that does not meet their needs. Our customers come to us for a reason and we want to exceed their expectations.

4. Our information is clear and concise. For those that are unfamiliar with insurance terms, we provide an FAQ and Glossary to further educate them. If they still need or want assistance, we have a team of insurance experts at the ready to take their call.

5. We are not financial advisors. We will not and cannot provide financial advice for clients.

6. We try to keep the path clear for our clients. By this, we mean that will not attempt to make the client change their policy for our benefit after the policy has been secured. Nor do we attempt in any way to prevent a client from submitting a claim or filing a complaint.

We cannot stress enough that the team at Claybrooke is here to help you in any way we can. Whether you have found the policy you like and want to purchase it, are looking for more information, or merely need some clarification regarding terms, please give us a call.